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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring & Summer in NC

Happy Wednesday (Hump Day) to everyone! I am loving spring and summer in North Carolina! I don't know that I could ever live anywhere else. Not to mention that most of my family is from here and currently resides here in the Western part of NC! We have soft colorful mountain-scapes, many great areas for boating, tons of vacation spots, and very distinct 4 seasons a year! During this time is year is usually when my husband and I decide where we would like to go on vacation...either one large trip or a few small trips. In thinking about where to go this year, it has reminded me about last year's few vacation trips. Below is a picture of my younger brother, me, my husband at Myrtle Beach, SC. The other picture is of my husband holding our Yorkie, Maci! I think that she has his eyes! :)

If you have never been to NC, you should check out for some great details on places to visit. I definitely recommend visiting the Bilmore Estate in Ashville, NC and doing the winery tour! It is awesome and the Estate has a wonderful array of flowers in it's garden during the spring months and lots of beautiful Christmas decorations at Christmas time!


  1. Like you, I couldn't imagine living anywhere but NC. I lived in Jacksonville, FL for 26 years and now that I live in the Charlotte area with lots of family, I feel like I've come home. The seasons are great, winter isn't too bad and summers are hot and awesome.

  2. I Hope I will have the chance to visit NC one day!! You made me want to^_^!!