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Monday, April 27, 2009

New Jewelry Designs - Midnight Mist Earrings

Good Monday Morning to Everyone!

I trust and hope that everyone had a great weekend! My weekend was packed with a Intergalactic Bead Show on Saturday and Sunday was filled with the actual jewelry making from some of the great goodies that I found at the Bead Show! One design that turned out much better than I originally had expected was the Midnight Mist Earrings. Using links of sterling silver chain to create a "tassel" effect make a new, fun, as well as elegant addition to any one's wardrobe! I will definitely be creating more designs very similar to this. Keep a look out for a matching necklace which is sure to be another wonderful addition to the fashion accessory wardrobe! Enjoy!


  1. great looking earrings, love them, keep creating dear!

  2. These are very pretty and shows patience with working with chain. Perhaps it is my eyes but I am not fond of adding chain to my earring designs! LOL! Pearl

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