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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring & Summer in NC

Happy Wednesday (Hump Day) to everyone! I am loving spring and summer in North Carolina! I don't know that I could ever live anywhere else. Not to mention that most of my family is from here and currently resides here in the Western part of NC! We have soft colorful mountain-scapes, many great areas for boating, tons of vacation spots, and very distinct 4 seasons a year! During this time is year is usually when my husband and I decide where we would like to go on vacation...either one large trip or a few small trips. In thinking about where to go this year, it has reminded me about last year's few vacation trips. Below is a picture of my younger brother, me, my husband at Myrtle Beach, SC. The other picture is of my husband holding our Yorkie, Maci! I think that she has his eyes! :)

If you have never been to NC, you should check out for some great details on places to visit. I definitely recommend visiting the Bilmore Estate in Ashville, NC and doing the winery tour! It is awesome and the Estate has a wonderful array of flowers in it's garden during the spring months and lots of beautiful Christmas decorations at Christmas time!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Jewelry Design - Tutti Fruity Bracelet & Earring Set

Hello Friends,

In celebration of the glorious spring weather and all of the wonderful array of colors that this time of year has to offer I have created a new bracelet and earring set that I call "Tutti Fruity". Both are made out of faceted chunks of Amethyst semi-precious gemstone linked to smooth Carnelian gemstone beads. The earrings have some added details where I have looped sterling silver wire over the front of the large Amethyst gemstone. The juicy color details of this set not only match perfectly but they are sure to make you mouth water! Enjoy!

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Jewelry Designs - Midnight Mist Earrings

Good Monday Morning to Everyone!

I trust and hope that everyone had a great weekend! My weekend was packed with a Intergalactic Bead Show on Saturday and Sunday was filled with the actual jewelry making from some of the great goodies that I found at the Bead Show! One design that turned out much better than I originally had expected was the Midnight Mist Earrings. Using links of sterling silver chain to create a "tassel" effect make a new, fun, as well as elegant addition to any one's wardrobe! I will definitely be creating more designs very similar to this. Keep a look out for a matching necklace which is sure to be another wonderful addition to the fashion accessory wardrobe! Enjoy!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Intergalactic Bead Show in Charlotte, NC

My best gal pal and I will be attending the Intergalactic Bead Show in Charlotte, NC tomorrow. I am so very excited. I love getting to actually touch and feel the products before I buy them especially the semi-precious gemstones. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love internet shopping in my PJ's in the comfort of my own home, but there are some things that you just have to touch and feel before you click the "Submit Order" button! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summer Eclipse...

"The moon will never touch the sun, the journey I am on, it's not begun, Summer eclipse, I can't forget the day when night and day had met..."
These are the lyrics for a song called Summer Eclipse by Gala. I call a pair of my newest earrings creations "Summer Eclipse" because these earrings are the point where night and day meet! :)
Hope that you enjoy!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Smile is a Wonderful Compliment...

Meeting someone in passing and them greeting you with a smile is a wonderful, warm feeling that is sometimes hard to find in today's world. Equally as grand as meeting an unexpected smile, is when someone compliments you on something you are wearing, the way you look, or your positive attitude out of the blue. No matter how dreary the day or what type of mood that I am in, these are things that I always strive to do in order to make someone's day and my own as well. After all, you never know what they may be thinking of doing and in turn how it might impact them for that day or even for the rest of their lives...

Being positive and nice and always having a smile on your face should not be a hard habit to change, in fact it should not be a habit at should just be an extension of YOU and who YOU are as a person! That being said, everyone has bad days...everyone has bad weeks or months even! But no matter how bad of time you are having, there is light at the end of the tunnel...and oh what a beautiful, bright light it is! It will get better, things will turn around!

Spring time is a beautiful time, while you are gazing out the window at the trees swaying in the breeze think about how YOU can make someone's day and hope that that person makes another persons day, etc. and that the cycle of smiles, optimism, and compliments never ends! :)

Always, Jodanna

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Spring / Summer 2009 Collection

Now announcing the Allura Marie Spring / Summer Jewelry Collection. A few of the items in this collection are shown below in the collage. Click the collage to view the collection in its entirety. I hope that you enjoy!

Always, Jodanna

Allura Marie - Featured as a Designer on the Rise 2009

Good Monday to Everyone!

Today is a great day! :) Allura Marie Jewelry was currently chosen as a "Designer on the Rise" by for Spring & Summer 2009! I am incredibly honored to receive this distinction! In honor of this feature, I are offering a 15% Off Discount. Visit the below link to get the code that you enter during checkout to apply the 15% off.

As always, I are interested in receiving your feedback and comments! Please let me know your thoughts!

Always, Jodanna

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Allura Marie Jewelry Interview with Women-PrenuerGalore Blog

Check it out and let me know your thoughts! Be sure to register for the giveaway of a braceelt and earring set of my handmade jewelry!

All the Best - Jodanna